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6 December 2019

Orange France will launch six more Android phones in 2009

htc dream2 Orange France rumored to release six more Android phones in 2009

Orange France just recently launched the Android-based HTC Dream, also known as the T-Mobile G1.  But it appears this is much more than an experiment to see how the Android operating system fares with Orange customers, if a new leak is true.

Unwired View, citing French website Mobinaute, says that Orange France will unleash at least 6 more Android phones in 2009.  According to the source, Orange will next launch the HTC Hero, followed by another HTC handset with a different form factor.  Motorola, LG, Sony Ericcson and Samsung are expected to contribute the remaining 4 handsets.  This is a strange choice of release choices given the HTC Magic is the second Android phone, though I did once think the HTC Hero was the Magic.

The source also said the long-awaited Android Cupcake update will be available for the HTC Dream in late April followed by another major update in May. Smartphone orange. I would think that means none of the new Android handsets will launch until after the updates when the new features are incorporated into the main Android development branch.


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