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6 August 2020

Palm Pre could be jailbroken and run Android, says hacker

palm-pre4The Palm Pre hasn’t been released yet but that hasn’t stopped some creative hackers from trying to figure out how to jailbreak the phone and port the Android operating system to the device which natively runs Palm webOS.

A hacker snooping around the Texas Instruments OMAP34x SDK has revealed that porting Android to the Palm Pre is definitely doable.  The Palm Pre uses an OMAP processor and a team by the name of OMAPZoom has already been able to port Android to OMAP 3.

The challenge lies with the fact that the Palm Pre doesn’t have extended storage.  The T-Mobile G1 boots Android from a memory card.  But the team thinks that it could get around the problem by placing Android in the user storage section of the phone and pointing the bootloader there.

To do that, all that would be needed is a serial over USB driver to access the Palm Pre’s bootloader and Linux core.  I’m not a programmer and in no way do I understand the technicalities here, but I’m sure this will be a go soon after the Pre is released.

Not only would you have the option of dual-booting or using Android as an alternative operating system, but it’s also possible that Android could be run within webOS.

palmwebosblog via precommunity

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