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19 November 2019

Palm webOS Mojo SDK now available…to a few

palm webos mojo sdk 300x93 Palm webOS Mojo SDK now a fewPalm still hasn’t spilled the beans as to a Palm Pre release date, but it did announce this evening that the webOS Mojo developer SDK is available.  Well kind of.

Palm is actually taking applications for what it calls the Early Access Program which will accept a small pool of developers for further SDK refinement before a public launch.  Other than this, Palm is still keeping pretty quiet.

There is still no indication of an exact release date for the Palm Pre or the Mojo SDK, though the entire mobile blogosphere is in a big uproar over the purported April 30 date tweeted by a beta tester the other day.  Personally I don’t know what all the arguing is about as I believe April 30 is a target date.  Palm has always promised a first half release so it has until June 30 to out the goods.

Either which way, if you want to apply for the Early Access Program you can do it now.

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