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GPS obsessed

21 August 2018

Panasonic Strada Pocket Perfect For Making Your Way Around Tokyo

Panasonic Strada Pocket Personal Navigation Device

I’ve never been to Tokyo or any other big Japanese metropolis for that matter, but I could just imagine how difficult navigation would be in a city that congested and sizeable.  Panasonic is set to come to the rescue with the Strada Pocket, a portable GPS device expected to be released February 12 in Japan.  Model number CN-MP50D, the Strada Pocket features remarkable brightness thanks to an LED backlight, 1seg entertainment and built-in 1.5 Watt speakers.  It includes an SD card slot and comes packaged with a 2 GB SD card granting users access to ”essential map information and phone numbers.”   Priced at  70,  000  JPY, the Strada Pocket  definitely looks to make  personal navigation in Japan a whole lot simpler.

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