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7 July 2020

Pantech makes pair of wind recognition phones official

Pantech has made its nearly identical pair of wind recognition phones official. 

The SKT IM-S410 and KTF IM-S410K use a Fantalog Interactive-developed Emotion Engine to recognize air forced through the phone via a users mouth.  Apparently it can differentiate between a blow and, for instance, a wind gust.  Blown air is tied to different functions within the phone, similar to the way a touch on a touchscreen display would be in a half-normal handset. 

The 11 millimeter thin handsets include GPS, DMB digital radio, a TV tuner, an electronic wallet, and a good ol’ electronic dictionary.  We’d previously heard the handsets would be available in Korea around now, but there hasn’t been any official release dates or prices announced.  Just don’t expect to be blowing your phone in North America or Europe anytime soon.

via akihabara news

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