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GPS obsessed

20 August 2018

Points Of Interest: Sprint/Clearwire, Motorola LTE, And GPS Lingerie

Motorola Successfully Tests LTE In 700 Mhz Spectrum: Motorola has successfully tested out a prototype LTE device in Illinois, transferring mobile video and other high bandwidth data over the 700 MHz spectrum.  It definitely looks like they’re on track to roll out LTE on schedule in 2009.  The lower frequency bands between 470 and 862 Mhz, which will be freed by the digital TV transition coming in February 2009, provide better coverage and in-building penetration and LTE is ultra-fast 4G broadband, low latency, and much lower cost-per-bit transferred than 3G data transmission technologies.

iPhone Gets Mobile Banking: AT&T and Firethorn, a Qualcomm company, have released a mobile banking application for the iPhone allowing users to manage virtually all aspects of their finances including transferring funds, viewing and paying bills, and even tracking reward points.  It’s now available as a free download from the iTunes app store.

Mobile Messaging Fights AIDS: This is an excellent read by Jason Harris about the mass adoption of mobile phones in South Africa and how Project Masiluleke is drawing on this to fight HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis using mobile messaging.

Sprint, Clearwire Get Hitched: Finally the FCC has approved the Sprint/Clearwire merger, and the game plan calls for WiMax to be available to 140 million in 30 month’s time.

GPS Lingerie: Take a look at this.  It’s caused quite the online uproar, but why?

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