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10 August 2020

Priest Takes Off With 1000 Party Balloons And GPS, Disappears

balloons2 Priest Takes Off With 1000 Party Balloons And GPS, Disappears

Why a priest would allow himself to become airborne attached to 1000 party balloons, wearing a tinfoil suit, and navigating using a GPS system he didn’t actually know how to use is beyond me. But that’s exactly what Father Padre Adelir de Carli of Brazil did on Sunday after Mass, hoping to beat the longest flight ever recorded using only party balloons.

Perched on a DIY seat and wearing tinfoil pants, Father de Carli took off in bad weather, ended up 31 miles away from the shoreline thanks to some brisk winds, only to realize he hadn’t figured out how to use his portable GPS unit beforehand. His poor planning looks to have ended badly for the Brazilian priest as after radioing his support crew pleading for assistance in getting a coordinate reading on his GPS should he hit the water and need to be rescued.

Unfortunately his support team didn’t provide him with adequate support and 8 hours after lift-off, just after his last contact at 9 PM, he disappeared. Search and rescue teams have been unsuccessful thus far in locating him, only finding deflated party balloons floating near the Santa Catarina shoreline. All signs point to Father de Carli being deceased, hopefully teaching all of us GPS Obsessed a valuable lesson: before setting out on any type of journey relying on the navigational skills of your GPS unit, learn how to use it.

via gizmodo

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