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31 July 2020

Samsung’s Android roll out at MWC not to be

500px android logo svg 300x300 Samsungs Android roll out at MWC not to beWe had previously heard that Samsung was under pressure from Sprint and T-Mobile in the United States to get an Android phone ready to go–enough pressure for Samsung to hire more developers.  We didn’t hear that Samsung had planned to roll out an Android phone at the Mobile World Congress.  We heard it would be sometime this year and that’s it.  Other blogs did speculate it would drop at MWC; apparently enough of them for Samsung to tell the UK’s Guardian that the phone would be released in the second half of 2009.  I think Samsung’s smart.  Let all the second-tier manufacturers try to ‘wow’ at MWC and wait until later Android releases with more features before rolling out the real phones.

via guardian

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 Samsungs Android roll out at MWC not to be

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