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13 November 2019

Sanyo NVA-MS1280DT/NVA-MS1180DT GPS With Solid State Drives Hit Japan In June

nva ms1280dt 0012 Sanyo NVA MS1280DT/NVA MS1180DT GPS With Solid State Drives Hit Japan In June

Sanyo has a couple new GPS devices headed for Japan. The NVA-MS1280DT and NVA-MS1180DT both feature internal solid state drives for storing media such as video and music that can be played back in DTS-HD or Dolby. The NVA-MS1280DT features a 8GB of storage, a 4GB SSD and 4GB SD card, as well as a built-in DVD player while the NVA-MS1180DT features a 4 GB SSD. While the memory capacity may not seem like much, SSD are much more reliable at playing back media files in a vibrating vehicle, whereas typical HDD aren’t so reliable. Both devices feature 7-inch touchscreens, the usual GPS capabilities, an FM receiver for traffic reports, and iPod support. Sanyos’ next-gen GPS devices will be out in June for $1750 and $1500 respectively.

via akihabara news

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