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19 September 2020

Satsports outs GPS handheld geared for outdoor sports

Satsports GPS sports application

Satsports GPS sports application

Satsports has released a handheld GPS navigation system for outdoor athletes in North America. The device sports a 2.7-inch touchscreen and voice-guided turn-by-turn directions via maps of the United States and Canada loaded onto a microSD card. Card storage also works for photos, MP3 music files, and videos; all of which can be played back on the Satsports device.

In order to accommodate existing smartphone users, Satsports also provides GPS applications for Android and Windows Mobile. The applications, which provide the same functionality accessible directly from the dedicated GPS device, include ski maps covering the globe, related points of interest including bars, restaurants and lodges, speed, altitude, movement and distance recording, and a safety feature that enables rescuers to locate skiers in the event of an emergency.

Athletes into running, cycling, and hiking can access similar features geared to each respective sport. Finally, golfers have the Pocket Caddy app which provides 2D and 3D flyovers of of each hole on 700 pre-loaded golf courses, a stats viewers that can be used with Google Earth to view gameplay after the fact, and the ability to map courses not provided with the included software.

The Satsports GPS is pretty pricey. The device itself retails for $490 while the add-on SD card for mapping and navigation costs another $65. Buyers who chose standalone apps will pay only $8 for both Android and Windows Mobile versions.


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