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3 July 2020

Ski gloves now record your GPS coordinates

ski glove gps

ski glove gps Ski gloves now record your GPS coordinates

Austria’s Zanier have announced a ski glove model with integrated GPS. Dubbed the X-Plore.XGX, the gloves help you follow a route or get back to your car along with recording important ski-related info such as altitude, speed and distance. Information is displayed on a monochrome display placed on thumb while the controls are located on top of the glove. And Zanier doesn’t skimp on the material either, using Gore-Tex X-Trafit to ensure you’ll always have warm hands. On the hill the X-Plore.XGX is powered by a lithium-ion battery and once back at the lodge users can hook the gloves into a USB port and upload all the recorded info to a PC.


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