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7 July 2020

Smarter Agent, Mobile GPS-Enabled Real Estate Search Company Raises $6.2 Million

Have you heard of Smarter Agent?  Happen to be looking for some new digs?  Have a GPS-enabled cell phone?  If you answered yes to the last two questions, but no to the first, let us tell you about Smarter Agent.

Smarter Agent

Smarter Agent is basically a mobile search platform that uses your cell phone’s GPS functionality to locate real estate listings from your mobile search location.  Using mobile search, Smarter Agent will locate apartments for rent, houses for sale (this spring), and even houses recently sold in the general area from which you conduct your mobile search.  Supported by service providers such as Sprint, Nextel, Verizon, Cingular, T-Mobile, the rapidly emerging mobile service won numerous awards over the past 3 years including a win for the Best Emerging Technology in 2006 from the CTIA.

Smarter Agent officially launched to the public with Sprint a little over a year ago and earns revenues through monthly usage fees.  This past summer, over 25, 000 people used the service, according to the company, with 35% of those users actually calling the owner of the found property arrange a viewing.  Not surprisingly, the company raised $6.2 million recently in their first round of funding from the likes of private equity magnate Ira Lubert, LLR Partners, Quaker Bio Ventures and Versa Capital.  The equity will be used to support further roll-out of real estate search services including the Homes For Sale application due out this spring.

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