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20 September 2020

Snooper Strabo S370 EU GPS Perfect For The Traffic Rule Challenged

Snooper Strabo S370EUThe Snooper Snabo S370EU is the latest PND from Snooper that caters to the traffic-rule challenged, warning you of speed cameras, mobile traps and even low-lying bridges.Using a combination of three technologies-auto ranging, smart mute, and a built-in Enigma database with all European speed camera locations-the S370EU will make sure well in advance that you’re within a suitable speed range as you pass detected speed traps.Also a fully-functional GPS navigator, the Snooper Snabo features coverage of pretty well all western European countries as well as major eastern European countries and also includes the following:

  • 3.5-inch glare free and colored LCD touchscreen display
  • route preview
  • turn-by-turn voice instructions
  • ability to choose either the fastest, shortest or most congestion-free calculated route
  • integrated GPS antennae
  • Navteq maps
  • extensive database of POIs
  • included 256 MB SD card
  • built-in rechargeable battery
  • postcode search, Bluetooth and MP3 player

The Snooper Snabo S370EU will set you back, or forward depending on your point of view, 149 Pounds including VAT and delivery.

Snooper via Navigadget 

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