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20 January 2019

Streetline: Finding A Parking Spot In San Francisco Will Become Easier

Streetline "Bump"Finding a free parking spot in San Francisco may become a helluva alot easier this fall when the city initiates a massive wireless project with 6000 of its 24000 metered parking spots.  The project will use special wireless sensors produced by tech company Streetline, adapted from something called “smart dust” devised by Berkeley researchers.  The device, called a “bump” is nothing more than a 4 x 4 inch piece of plastic glued to the concrete that is battery-operated and built to last for 5-10 years.  Placed next to each parking space, the sensors form a giant wireless internet network that send traffic data to parking meters and then to a central management office.

City officials will then have up-to-date info regarding which parking spots are open.  The sensors will also be used to learn more about San Francisco traffic congestion by monitoring traffic speeds on city streets.  For those driving around actually looking for open parking spots, Streetline will display open parking spaces on a dedicated website that people can access on their smartphones.  There is also a possibility that dedicated street displays will be used to direct people to nearby vacant spots.

San Francisco officials hope that by 2010 all parking spaces and garages will use the technology.

via new york times (Photo Credit: Peter DaSilva)

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