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19 September 2020

T-Mobile to release Android-based G2, G3….Gn this year?

T-Mobile’s senior vice president of engineering and operations, Neville Ray, claims there will be not just a G2 this year, but other Android-based G series phones as well.  The plural slipped out in an interview with Fierce Wireless.

FierceWireless: Are you still focused on consumer devices? Do you have plans to launch any laptop cards or USB dongles?

Ray: Our primary focus is consumer-based devices. As the year progresses there will be a significant number of HSPA-capable smart phones. We will be launching more G series phones and other products. You will see us launch a data card product. This will be happening in the coming weeks and months.

Notice the plural in the bold type above?  Phones.  Maybe a G3 this year as well?  Hopefully either, or, or both will have more of an iPhone-like impact for T-Mobile than the G1.

via fiercewireless

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