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12 July 2020

TeleAtlas And Google Partner For The Greater Good Of Maps: User-Generated Map Edits Key To Deals Success

TeleAtlas LogoFor the next five years, any Google map-based or navigational services for the mobile, desktop, or web environments will use TeleAtlas maps.  This includes popular Google properties such as Google Maps and Google Earth.  The deal nets Google access to TeleAtlas maps and dynamic content for more than 200 countries around the world, and TeleAtlas will receive access to map edits from Google’s huge user base, in essence crowdsourcing the accuracy and relevance of future TeleAtlas maps.  Exactly how much money will change hands is undisclosed so far, but this deal is worth a pretty penny in value to the end user-you and me.  This partnership will mean better maps from TeleAtlas, owned by TomTom, which will run the gamut from Google Maps on the web to TomTom PND’s firmly mounted on your car’s windshield.  We’ll keep you updated as we hear more.

via teleatlas

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