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31 March 2020

TomTom files patent infringment suit against Microsoft

TomTom LogoLess than a month after Microsoft filed a patent infringement suit against Dutch GPS maker TomTom, TomTom has fired back with an infringement suit of its own.

The suit filed March 16 in an Alexandria, Virginia-based federal court alleges that Microsoft infringes upon four TomTom patents.  The Microsoft product in question is its Streets & Maps software for which TomTom is seeking unspecified damages and the right to stop Microsoft from shipping the product in the future.

TomTom said in the filing that Microsoft Streets & Trips directly or indirectly infringe upon the company’s US patent numbers:

5, 902, 350: titled “Generating a Maneuver at an Intersection Through a Turn Lane”

5, 938, 720: titled “Route Generation in a Vehicle Navigation System”

6, 660, 994 B1: titled “Quick Selection of Destinations in an Automotive Navigation System”

6, 542, 814:  titled “Methods and Apparatus for Dynamic Points of Interest Display”

While I have no idea what is happening behind the scenes with the two companies, it appears that TomTom is one of the first to stand up against Microsoft’s use of patents to throw its weight around.  The attention centering around the Microsoft filing is in relation to TomTom’s use of the Linux kernel to implement its file naming system.  Many believe that this is the first blow from Microsoft in an all-out war against Linux.  Whether or not this is the case, TomTom won’t be rolling over and settling behind closed doors back the looks of it.

Here’s the TomTom filing in an 8-page PDF file.

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