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17 November 2019

TomTom iphone app, car kit pricing leaks

tomtomiphone TomTom iphone app, car kit pricing leaks

TomTom’s iPhone car kit and application pricing has leaked thanks to online retailer Handtec.  The much-anticipated iPhone GPS navigation solution is listed for £113.85, roughly US$193.75, or £99, roughly US$168.50, before taxes.  Apparently Handtec is taking pre-orders now so an official release later this month, as expected, looks promising.  I’m assuming the price includes both the car mount, Tele Atlas maps and TomTom’s IQ Routes technology.  In essence, the TomTom turn-by-turn navigation solution will allow the iPhone to function much like a standalone TomTom GPS unit.  TomTom hasn’t confirmed pricing or availability details so we should take this leak with a grain of salt for the time being.


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