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8 August 2020

Trulia Launches iPhone App: Will This Piss Off Your Real Estate Agent?

iphone screen03jpg Trulia Launches iPhone App: Will This Piss Off Your Real Estate Agent?

Just a couple of weeks after introduced an iPhone application that utilizes the smartphone’s GPS capabilities to locate New York-based real estate listings, Trulia has launched their own.  Trulia’s new app covers all of the United States however, but tailors the listing to a user’s specific location.  It’s convenient and free, and displays all kinds of information such as price, square footage, number of bedrooms, and pictures for each listing.  From each listing, it’s only one more tap of the touchscreen to either call or email the property’s agent.

While Trulia’s new app may be useful for sellers’ agents, it definitely has the potential to be a disadvantage to buyers’ agents by effectively ‘cutting out the middle man’.  But it all depends on its popularity.  Judging by the 5000 downloads of the Frontdoor app in its first two weeks, Trulia will probably do okay.  And it’s not going to be limited to the iPhone either.  Trulia apps are coming for the Blackberry and BlackJack mobile phones and Dash Navigation’s Dash Express.  Additionally, it will be programmed for various operating systems and devices made by Nokia and Sony Ericcson down the line.

via businessweek


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