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6 August 2020

Ushahidi Swine Flu map impresses

usahahidi swine flu map Ushahidi Swine Flu map impresses

Ushahidi, a website originally developed to map reports of violence in Kenya during its election crisis of early 2008, has produced one of the best Swine Flu maps I’ve seen.

Built on the companies open source mapping engine, the Swine Flu map uses the Google Maps API to produce an up-to-date look at suspected and confirmed cases of Swine Flu as well as related deaths.  The map also has a media filter built in so that you can see news, pictures, and video on the map.

For those more textually-inclined, Ushahidi has also made a list of Swine Flu reports available including the date and place reported, and whether they have been confirmed.

The best part of this particular Swine Flu map is that it allows you to pinpoint your location on the map and have an alert sent to your mobile phone or email if a case is reported near you.  You can also submit incidents that haven’t been reported to Ushahidi via the website or by SMS message from your mobile phone.


 Ushahidi Swine Flu map impresses

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