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21 August 2018

Verizon Hub home phone gets VZ Navigator, turn-by-turn directions

verizon hub Verizon Hub home phone gets VZ Navigator, turn by turn directions

The Verizon Hub looks  amazing.  Truly the next-generation of home phone, the Verizon Hub can work over Wi-Fi or on any broadband connection–it doesn’t even have to be Verizon FiOS.

The touchscreen telephone actually features a slew of location-based features.  Not only is the Hub compatible with Verizon’s VZ Navigator and Chaperone services, it can also send calendar text message alerts and audible turn-by-turn directions to your cellular phone.

Check out some of the things the Verizon Hub is capable of from a statement released today:

  • Check local traffic and weather in the morning before leaving the house
  • Update your calendar and automatically receive a text when an appointment changes or as a reminder not to be late
  • Get directions to the new site when the location for soccer practice is moved
  • Find the number of the new pizza parlor to order a pie
  • Preview the trailers from an upcoming movie that you might want to take the family to over the weekend, then purchase tickets using the Verizon Hub

Amazing.  The touchscreen Hub has all the typical features of advanced home phones such as visual voicemail contact management.  Furthermore, it allows you to watch VCAST video content on its display and doubles as a digital picture frame when it’s not in use.

A lot of people will want the Verizon Hub, I’m sure of that.  But it’s not coming until February 1.  Pricing and availability details will be released in the coming days.

Maybe this is the idea behind the Verizon femtocell coming January 25.


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