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7 July 2020

What to expect at Apple’s earnings call tomorrow (the bad)

broken apple What to expect at Apples earnings call tomorrow (the bad)Funny stuff.  Bernstein Research’s Tony Sacconaghi spent some time going through the same NPD research data as Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster and came up with a completely different take on the Cupertino-based Apple.

Sacconaghi’s take on things:

  • Mac sales showed “significant deceleration”
  • iPod sales showed “significant deterioration”
  • iPhone is a wild card as NPD data doesn’t cover mobile phones, but he expects 3.5 to 4 million units sold

It’s funny that Munster’s and Sacconaghi’s sales numbers for Macs and iPods are very similar, but the two still go bipolar with positive and negative spins on them.  And investors rely on these guys to make decisions!

Check out Gene Munster’s take on things.

via apple2.0

(Image Credit: johnsam)

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