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23 August 2019

Where to find free beer in New York City

myopenbar Where to find free beer in New York, founded by starving musician Seva Granik and web designer Jason Fried in 2005, is every broke alcoholic’s dream.  The website lists all the places in New York City where a person can find free, yes emphasis on free, liquor, wine, beer, or any other alcoholic drink.  The business is one of the few that are thriving because of the recession.

Listings are free, but because spending cutbacks mean more people drink at home than at the bar, bar owners are submitting way more listings now than ever just to get customers in the door.  Myopenbar makes money through direct advertising and event hosting, planning, and promotion and according to the founders it is profitable.  Profitable enough to have office space in Andy Warhol’s old work digs and pay 30 employees.

The service currently has 30, 000 subscribers in New York City alone and also features listings for Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago and Honolulu–all of which account for another 19, 000 subscribers.

If you head over to the site you’ll be able to find and submit comments and reviews of listed establishments which are then rated on a scale of 1 to 5.  Nothing like being able to discriminate over free booze.

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