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20 August 2018

Wikitude Allows TomTom And Garmin Users To Generate POIs From Wikipedia


Wikitude is a neat site for generating POIs for either your GPS device or Google Earth. Presently it only has the option of outputing POIs uploadable to TomTom GPS units, but I’m sure that’ll expand to include the likes of Garmin in the future. For now though, if you do have a Garmin GPS, there is an online tool called TakItWithMe that will convert the Google Earth KML file Wikitude generates into a GPX file compatible with Garmin units.

What’s really cool about Wikitude is that it uses geographical information from Wikipedia to generate nearly 350, 000 possible POIs. The site has a search feature that splits waypoints into general categories such as “landmarks” or waterbodies, or allows you to type in something more specific. Popular POI categories, POIs by city, and a variety of language options also make navigation of the site simpler as well as accessible for global use.

Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, it’ll be displayed on a Google Maps mash-up, with a bubble containing geographical information about the location as well as links to the actual Wikipedia article or the downloadable KML file or ov2 file for you TomTom unit.

Definitely a neat service guaranteed to generate the world traveler some fantastic POIs.

Via Google Earth

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