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16 September 2020

Wikitude Drive is turn-by-turn directions in augmented reality for Android

Wikitude has changed quite a bit over the past year from a Wikipedia-powered POI generator for PNDs to a full-blown augmented reality service.  The latest innovation from Mobilizy, the creator of Wikitude, is Wikitude Drive, an Android application that provides turn-by-turn directions overlayed onto the road ahead as viewed through the camera viewfinder.  It’s not perfect; some would say it’s even a bit dangerous.  But it’s interesting because you’re actually looking at the same imagery you’d look at if you were looking through your vehicle’s windshield rather than the phone’s screen.  In my opinion, much cooler and way more innovative than the static, boring, computer-generated maps that most cellphone and PND navigation applications use.  Check out the video above to see Wikitude Drive in action.


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