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14 November 2019

Will GPS Drawings, Position Art Proliferate Thanks To Big Fake Erik Nordenenkar?

Now that the world’s biggest fake has been outed, all of the best GPS art from around the globe is starting to pop up around the web.  In fact we came across a couple of more GPS drawings just today.  The first is the GPS Easter Bunny, done by Peter Rullman in Saarbracken, Germany using a Nokia N82 mobile phone and the Nokia Sports Tracker application.  Created on Easter Sunday this year, Rullman, inspired by the position art hero Stavros, took a walk around Saarbracken with his N82 and posted his easter bunny route onto Google Maps.  Check out a slideshow of his walk here, and a rough screenshot of the Google Maps rendering below:

Easter Bunny Position Art’s Gadget Lab has highlighted the work of a couple other legit GPS artists: Esther Polak and Antti Laitinen.  Esther Polak, who’s been in the position art world for 6 years now, uses GPS to track the movements of her subjects as they go about their daily lives.

Esther Polak GPS Drawing

While Polak’s work tends to border on the abstract, Laitinen’s work has a focus on applying the self-portrait to real-world travels.  Laitinen’s will actually physical draw a self-portrait on a map of European terrain and then set out with a GPS recorder in tow to replicate his actual drawing.  It doesn’t always work out so well as you can see below:

Thanks to Erik Nordenenkar, we expect position art to proliferate.  We’ll probably see tons more GPS drawings in the near future.  And if your interest is now piqued and you’d like to do one of your own, check out this great tutorial, written by Mark Guim over at The Nokia Blog, about how to use Nokia Sports Tracker and an N-Series Nokia phone to make your own GPS-based position art.

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