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7 April 2020

Will Howard Stern give the Palm Pre a stamp of approval?

howard stern Will Howard Stern give the Palm Pre his stamp of approval?Palm is looking to an alternative marketing channel in its quest to make the Palm Pre a hit.  Well, I suppose word-of-mouth marketing isn’t exactly alternative, but when the chain begins with controversial radio star Howard Stern’s mouth, I think ‘alternative’ sums it up pretty nicely.

Really though, Stern is an obvious choice.  He’s a loyal Palm user–though he’s embarrassed to show anyone his Palm Treo in public–and he has millions of fans around the world.

Palm is planning on delivering a Pre to Stern for him to review on his radio show after which they’ll promptly take it back.  So there’ll be no hope for any kind of Pre leak unfortunately, but hey, with a purported April 30 release date we can all wait, right?

Let’s just hope Stern gives the Pre his stamp of approval or Palm may doomed.


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