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GPS obsessed

16 August 2018

WiMAX/Wi-Fi portable router coming to Portland’s Clear Network in February

wimax router WiMAX/Wi Fi portable router coming to Portlands Clear Network in February

Clearwire’s chief strategy officer Scott Richardson forgot to mention something during Portland’s WiMAX launch–the impending release of a portable WiMAX/Wi-Fi router.  The picture above is a prototype model, but when released it’ll have the form factor of a hockey puck, says Sidecut Reports.  Basically identical to a 3G router, this model simply replaces the 3G USB stick with a WiMAX one instead.  The result: 4G and Wi-Fi speeds on all your enabled devices with a single connection, anywhere in Portland.

Expected to be ready in February, the WiMAX/Wi-Fi router should be priced in the area of $125, although pricing hasn’t been finalized.  Richardson says that unlike most wireless providers, Clear will promote the use of the routers, preferring to take the route of going to and connecting already existing devices rather than pushing subscriptions.

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