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GPS obsessed

19 June 2018

Would you read a book on a mobile phone?

reading Would you read a book on a mobile phone?Can you imagine reading an entire book on a mobile phone?  I can’t, but I’m sure some people would.  I mean, after all, writing books via text message is a popular trend in Japan.

Google and Amazon hope to spark a trend, announcing that each will make books available for mobile phones.  Google’s library of 1.5 million public domain books will be formatted for cellphone reading, and Amazon is working on making its Kindle titles available as well.

Amazon currently only offers 230, 000 titles, but many are newer and often-bestselling.  Google’s library consists of much older titles with expired copyrights.  Only time will tell, but this is one trend I can’t see catching on.

via nyt

(Image Credit: margolove)

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