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11 August 2020

Zimmer Frame Walker With GPS Will Help You Find Your Way…Around The Nursing Home

Zimmer Frame With GPS

Do you have a grandparent in a nursing home that always seems to be getting lost? Perhaps said grandparent would benefit from a GPS navigator on their walker! Residents of a Dutch nursing home have been trying out the geeky new system for a few months now after being designed by some college students to assist those dealing with amnesia. The system is completely wireless to eliminate some of the reception problems commonly seen in mainstream GPS units when used inside buildings or tunnels and simply designed, using only 5 buttons, easy-to-understand symbols, and giant arrows pointing in the right direction. Even the most orientation-challenged can find their way around the home with this unit. We sure hope this things were designed well, because we wouldn’t want any grandparents wandering out into traffic now, would we?

Via Daily Mail

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