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29 August 2018

Geospatial Technologies Used To Digitally Capture Human Rights Violations

Porta Farm, Zimbabwe In June 2002
Porta Farm, Zimbabwe In June 2002: 10000 Inhabitants And 870 Structures

In a world where brutal human rights violations happen daily, NGO’s are finding ways of using geospatial technology to track and hopefully one day prevent the mass violence, genocide, deforestation and general mayhem that we in the Western world can’t comprehend. In an interview with Pingmag, Lars Bromley, director of the Geospatial Technologies and Human Rights Project of the American Association for the Advancement of Science gives us some insight into the various ways geospatial technologies are being to used to digitally capture human rights atrocities in places such as Darfur. Check it out not only to advance your knowledge of satellite imagery, but also to increase your awareness of our world as well.

Porta Farm, Zimbabwe In June 2006
Porta Farm, Zimbabwe In June 2006: Total Destruction

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Verizon Wireless To Enable Loopt On GPS-Enabled Phones

Loopt LogoVerizon Wireless will enable users of more than 20 of their GPS-enabled phones to use Loopt, a social networking service that allows users to create a network of friends and relatives whose location can be found on an on-screen map. It also allows users to geo-tag photos and share them with friends on their email lists or AOL Buddy Messenger accounts. Loopt will be available for Verizon Wireless customers next month for $3.99 monthly. Sprint, Nextel, and Boost Mobile already enable Loopt on many of their mobile phones.

Via BetaNews

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Verizon Launches GPS-Enabled Blackberry Curve 8330

Blackberry Curve 8330Verizon is officially the first North American cellular provider to launch the Blackberry Curve 8330. As of this morning, Verizon now offers the high-end Blackberry with an integrated GPS receiver capable of utilizing the mobile company’s VZ Navigator or an alternate mapping solution.

The Blackberry Curve 8330 is the first Curve from Research In Motion that’s 3G-capable using Verizon’s EVDO network and also features a 2 megapixel camera, microSDHC slot with up to 8GB of storage and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

So far, no release date, but Verizon is expected to price the Curve 8330 at $270 for a 2-yr plan. It’ll be available in silver with the usual Curve interface and third-party software support.

This announcement, from the CTIA conference, is expected to be followed by similar announcements from Sprint and Telus.

Via Electronista

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Garmin Takes Worst Lickin’ Of The Past Year On Wall Street Today

Garmin hit a 52 week low today on Wall Street.  Looks like GPS manufacturers are really feeling the pinch if a big name like Garmin is watching its value crumble.  We still don’t think the portable navigation market is dead yet.  There are others besides Om Malik that think it is though.  Take a look at all these sell-side analysts listening to a Garmin presentation from CES 2008:

Garmin CES 2008 Presentation

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How To Buy A Car Navigation System

TomTom 920THead over to InformationWeek and check out this handy car navigation system buyer’s guide. Centering on Garmin, TomTom, and Magellan portable navigation units, it is a great guide for first time buyer’s wondering what they should be looking for in GPS units running from lower-end models to higher-end models such as the Dash Express.

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EU Investigating Nokia/Navteq Deal Apparently Fearful Of Monopoly

European FlagApparently fearful of Nokia’s power over the European navigation industry if the company’s proposed $8.1 billion takeover of map-maker Navteq goes through, the European Commission has announced an in-depth investigation of the competitive ramifications of the deal.

The Commission’s initial investigation into the deal exposed “serious doubts with regards to … competition concerns”, and the in-depth inquiry will focus on whether the purchase will increase the cost of or limit access to Navteq maps used by other mobile phone providers.  This is turn would negatively impact consumers.

The European Commission has until August 8, 2008 to make a final decision regarding the impact on industry competitiveness in Europe.  The United States Federal Trade Commission approved the deal in December of 2007.

This isn’t the first deal being investigated by the European Union’s trade body.  GPS manufacturer TomTom is looking to purchase map-maker TeleAtlas, another deal currently being investigated by the European Commission.

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Dash Express Now Available For $399

Dash Express GPS

Anyone looking for the new Dash Express can find it at Amazon for $399.  The Dash Express uses the Dash Driver Network to crowdsource real-time traffic data by collecting it from other drivers using the Express from 2 million miles of US roads.  Additionally, a partnership with Inrix, provider of traffic data, allows the Dash to use traffic info from road sensors and commercial fleets to provide you with even more up-to-date real-time traffic information.  Using a frequently updated, historical traffic database, the Dash Express knows exactly how quickly you’ll be able to move down any road you travel for every one of the 672 15-minute intervals during the week.

The Dash Express has a 4.3-inch widescreen LCD touchscreen, uses a SiRFStarIII GPS receiver, and remains connected all the time via a GPRS cellular and Wi-Fi network.  Other features include Tru Express, internet and email connectivity, and a PC-accessible control dash.

Buy The Dash Express Here

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2008 Formula One Google Maps Mashup For F1 Fans

Formula One Grand Prix Mashup

Formula One fans looking forward to the 2008 Formula One Grand Prix circuit might find this Google Maps mashup interesting.  By clicking on the map tags, you can view satellite images of all the Grand Prix races, and each features race results once the races finish.  Created by mashup creator Rakf1, the 2008 F1 mashup can be found here.

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Snooper Strabo S370 EU GPS Perfect For The Traffic Rule Challenged

Snooper Strabo S370EUThe Snooper Snabo S370EU is the latest PND from Snooper that caters to the traffic-rule challenged, warning you of speed cameras, mobile traps and even low-lying bridges.Using a combination of three technologies-auto ranging, smart mute, and a built-in Enigma database with all European speed camera locations-the S370EU will make sure well in advance that you’re within a suitable speed range as you pass detected speed traps.Also a fully-functional GPS navigator, the Snooper Snabo features coverage of pretty well all western European countries as well as major eastern European countries and also includes the following:

  • 3.5-inch glare free and colored LCD touchscreen display
  • route preview
  • turn-by-turn voice instructions
  • ability to choose either the fastest, shortest or most congestion-free calculated route
  • integrated GPS antennae
  • Navteq maps
  • extensive database of POIs
  • included 256 MB SD card
  • built-in rechargeable battery
  • postcode search, Bluetooth and MP3 player

The Snooper Snabo S370EU will set you back, or forward depending on your point of view, 149 Pounds including VAT and delivery.

Snooper via Navigadget 

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South Korean Big Brother Proposal Wants To Track Everyone With GPS

10korea 600 South Korean Big Brother Proposal Wants To Track Everyone With GPSIn a big brother-like bid to reduce crimes such as kidnapping against women and children, South Korean police are pushing to have GPS chips installed in all South Korean cellphones, enabling them to locate anyone with a cellphone. Apparently the SK government has already submitted a similar bill to the countries National Assembly as well. Undoubtedly, this proposal has certain privacy concerns and will also increase the price of all new cellphones sold in SK, it remains to see if it actually goes through.

Via Textually

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