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13 July 2020

Nokia Maps add 360 Cities

Nokia Maps add 360 Cities

Nokia Maps add 360 Cities

360 Cities is the large collection of panoramic photos, each one shot by a network of expert panoramic photographers from around the world.


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Best GPS Mobile Tracker Apps

Let us start by asking a simple question. Why do you want to track a mobile phone? There can be some reasons like:

  • You lose your phone, or some thief steals it. You will want to track it.
  • You want to track your children or loved ones for their safety.
  • You want to catch hold of your spouse’s infidelity.
  • You want to ensure that your employee does not involve into business espionage.

You may have many more reasons, but we think that the four reasons above are enough.

But, did you know that tracking someone’s phone with explicit written consent from that person is illegal? So, you should be careful. However, if you want to ensure that you can easily track your phone, you are free to install any GPS mobile tracker app you want. No one will tell you anything. Whatever the reason be, we will give you a list of best GPS mobile tracker apps you can get.

Let us start.

Best GPS Mobile Tracker Apps

Before we start, we will like to say that there are two options for you. You can go for free mobile tracking apps, or you can go for premium or paid GPS mobile tracker apps. We will start with the free one.

Free apps

1. GadgetCouncil Tracker: GadgetCouncil is a website which has a mobile tracker tool and also has an Android app. It is free. You can use the web application to get a fair idea of the approximate location of your mobile device. GadgetCouncil’s mobile tracker application is best in case you lose your phone or misplace it and want to get an approximate location without spending any money. It can also come in handy if someone steals your phone. Using this web application can help you to narrow down on an area where your phone is present. It can also tell you the last position where your phone went (if someone steals it). That’s all you can achieve with this web application.

While it may not sound that robust and perfect, consider this – if someone steals your phone, you can use the information from this web application to let the police personnel know. It will help the police to narrow down on the location of the thief.

We repeat – GadgetCouncil mobile tracker cannot track anything other than the location, which too may not be accurate. You cannot track SMS, calls, photos, and videos, etc. For that, you will need premium software/apps that you need to install on your phone.

2. Glympse: Glympse is one rare app that uses GPS to give you powerful tracking features. It is free. Just like GadgetCouncil, all that Glympse will do is track location. It cannot track calls or SMS or media files present in the phone. Glympse has real-time monitoring capabilities as it keeps running in the background of the phone, maintaining a very active radar connection. The app also allows for real-time navigation. So, if you are in someplace new, you can use the app to navigate around with ease. One problem (that is not a problem) is that only those people with whom you share your information can track you.

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Humour gps about crazy russian girl and crazy GPS

Crazy russian girl and crazy GPS

Humour GPS video clip

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Masterclock Generators NTP100-GPS

NTP100 GPS Masterclock Generators

Time synchronized in GPS satellites providing Stratum 1 accuracy to atomic clock.
Uses 8 channel Trimble receiver.
WindowsXP, serial interface or telnet – Discovery software included for WinXP.
Software to configure and monitor the device over Ethernet.

– NTP Reference for ethernet LANs in box self-contained
– NTP query, broadcast modes, multicast
– Standalone or rackmountable (shown)
– Battery backed real time clock circuit
– User assignable network configuration (or DHCP)
– Assignable configuration network

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