GPS Obsessed is focused on following GPS technology as it rapidly evolves and converges with mobile devices and the mobile lifestyle. You’ll find the best products, technologies, and voices the market offers at GPS Obsessed. Location will play a big part in the technology of the future, whether it be location-based mobile apps, how our social interactions evolve or the way we search for information on the web.

Written by Justin Davey, all questions, comments, and tips can be forwarded to him at “justin at gpsobsessed dot com“.

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    As promised, the first new devices out of the Garmin-ASUS partnership are beginning to show their hand.  First up is the Garmin-ASUS nuvifone M20, a 2.8-inch touchscreen Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro device with dualband HSDPA, triband GSM and WiFi b/g.  In keeping with the pairing’s obsession with location-based services (LBS), GPS and navigation get top billing:
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    Facebook, Foursquare, TomTom and UPS should all have given thanks this holiday season to global positioning satellites. As you are already aware, location-based technologies are increasingly important in today’s society. Almost everything we do, such as Geocaching, is possible because they exist. Penn State Public Broadcasting, has created several videos on the Geospatial Revolution, impacting our each and every move. The second of four videos features how these technologies enable UPS to stay reliable, help struggling communities gain access to grocery stores and allow metropolitan areas the means necessary to clean-up their city streets.
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