Anti-Semitism arrives in the Palm App Catalog

by Justin on August 20, 2009

shabbat shalom Anti Semitism arrives in the Palm App Catalog

Remember iPhone Siddur, the iPhone application developed by Barry Schwartz that enables praying Jews to be oriented toward Jerusalem?  Very cool and original in my opinion, but it doesn’t surprise me that the app was met with anti-Semitic reviews in the iTunes App Store.

This past weekend Schwartz had his first Palm Pre application, Shabbat Shalom, accepted into the Palm App Catalog.  The application lets users “quickly check the candle lighting times, havdalah times and parsha for the week in any location in the world.”  Is it any surprise the anti-Semitic reviews have started there too?

To me it is.  I didn’t realize people were still so ignorant.  I guess I’m naive.

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