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29 April 2012

Boost Mobile’s $50 flat-rate plan doesn’t sound so great after all

boost mobile internetAt first glance Boost Mobile’s $50 unlimited nationwide calling plan that includes text messaging, internet access, and walkie-talkie service sounds great.  The prepaid service doesn’t require a long-term contract, and direct competitors in the New York area charge roughly $60 for similar plans that have only regional access.

But the plan, which is a bid by Sprint to undercut the competition and grab a few more subscribers, has some serious downsides.  First off, users of the Boost Mobile plan will have to join the Nextel network.  This means purchasing a new phone that is not compatible with other carrier’s.  Even worse is the fact that customers will have to pay between $20 and $100 for a phone because without a contract there are no subsidies.  Oh, but even worse is the phone choices.  Motorola and that’s it.  Nothing fancy here people.

And while internet access is unlimited, download speeds are comparable to dial-up.  Thank goodness it’s unlimited because you’ll have to wait all day for a web page to load. boost mobile internet

It sounds a whole lot better to stick with a Sprint contract, get a better phone-like a Palm Pre-and some true 3G speed.  The extra money paid is probably well worth it.

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