One Force Tracker iPhone app points out “known sniper sites”

Defense contractor Raytheon is big into leveraging mobile technologies when it comes to the military. Back in October the company announced RATS, its Raytheon Android Tactical System that allows soldiers to track fellow soldiers (or anything physical really) on an Android-powered mobile phone. Today in The New York Times, Raytheon is going public with something similar for the iPhone.

Called One Force Tracker, the Raytheon-created iPhone application tracks both friends and enemies on real-time maps while providing secure communications. One Force Tracker will even have the ability to overlay points of interest over its maps-though in the case of this app, the NYT says it will include such tantalizing categories as “known sniper sites”. Soldiers can also input information which can be sent back to a central computer, and then pushed back to other soldiers with potentially life-saving info.

One Force Tracker will work with consumer iPhones, though an actual military version would have some modifications not suitable for the average GI Joe.

(Image credit: Raytheon)

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