Foursquare goes global. Yah!

foursquare logo girl Foursquare goes global. Yah!

Location-based mobile social network Foursquare has finally made an improvement I’ve been waiting for since the beginning. Previously only available in select North American and European cities, Foursquare is now available anywhere in the world, much like its competitor Gowalla. In places like Winnipeg where I’m from, users will be relied on to add points of interest to the app themselves, but at least it’s available.

Foursquare lets users check in to different places, rewarding those who check into a place more often than anyone else mayorship, and sometimes even free food and drinks!

Count on me to start adding Winnipeg hotspots as soon as I replace my Blackberry and its busted track ball. Thinking of going Android. What do you think?


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