Garmin CES 2010 leak: Voice Studio, Zumo 665 and Approach G3 GPS, and EcoRoute cable

zumo Garmin CES 2010 leak: Voice Studio, Zumo 665 and Approach G3 GPS, and EcoRoute cableGarmin’s CES 2010 announcements look interesting, though not earth-shattering, if a leak received by Engadget is true. As for the hardware, we can supposedly expect the Approach G3 and Zumo 665.

The former is little sibling to the popular G5 golfing GPS handheld with an MSRP of $349. The Zumo 665 will be the latest in Garmin’s motorcycle GPS family and is expected to include real-time traffic, XM weather and FM radio with A2DP out.

The EcoRoute cable which has been hanging around the blogosphere for a while will also fall squarely into the hardware category, though as a peripheral. The cable, expected to be priced at $149.99, hooks into your vehicle’s electronics and acts as a diagnostic system. The intent here is to alert you to vehicular problems that affect the efficiency, and therefore the environmental friendliness, of your car.

Finally, Garmin Voice Studio is also apparently on its way. The only really new thing from Garmin (in this leak anyways), Voice Studio allows nuvi GPS owners to record their own voice directions. The PC-based app takes roughly 20 minutes to render a complete set of voice commands, minus street names, and won’t work with nuvi 3xx and 6xx series’.

I think that Garmin will probably have a few more announcements up its sleeve at CES 2010, but for the time being these ones look fairly credible.

  • rosymarshal
    OK…let me get this straight. Garmin is selling an OBDII scan tool for $150?!!? Why not buy a $50 scan tool with USB and just use it with your phone (for example, running the free Carman software on your N900/N810 or other sw on your iPhone/Android phones??). One heck of a mark-up I must say!
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