Global Mapping Competition rewards Google Map Maker users with $50, 000

map maker logo Global Mapping Competition rewards Google Map Maker users with $50, 000Map-making fanatics who want to contribute to Google’s global mapping coverage now have the opportunity to do it for dollars. Announced at an event in New York organized by both Google and the United Nations, Global Mapping Competition, which started yesterday, will reward the mapper that adds the most hospitals, schools, universities and medical clinics into Google Map Maker with a $50, 000 UNICEF donation to the winner’s country of choice. The donation will be used to empower citizens through technology.

Google Map Maker is currently available in 170 countries and 6 different languages. Users can add details to Google’s base maps by comparing to its satellite and hybrid imagery, so even if you live in one country, you can contribute to the map of another.

Global Mapping Competition requires registration here. It ends January 31, 2010 and the winner will be announced February 15.

  • Why would you do Google's work for free while you lose rights to your own data ? Can you imagine providing Google with good data and then having to abide to Google's leonine license when you attempt to do anything useful with it ? Why would anyone chose to help Google build its own product instead of participating in a community effort ? If you feel like mapping, you should really give OpenStreetMap a serious look : it provides data for free under an open license, it has reached critical mass and it won't enslave you. See you at
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