Goodyear GY-145 GPS reviewed again: from disappointment to “doesn’t disappoint”

It’s funny how the internet offers up conflicting reviews of GPS devices.  Take for instance the Goodyear GY-145 GPS.  In December, one reviewer was absolutely appalled, stating “you are better off buying another product.”  Enter PCMag now, which has an unrelated review of the same device.  What does PCMag say?  Try this: “given its big screen, low price, and ease of use, the GY145 doesn’t disappoint.”  So, um, is the Goodyear GY-145 a good buy or not?


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  • Diskoss
    I had a GY145C (same basic model but with US/Canada) and I had the same GPS signal problem as the original reviewer. I called Goodyear who told me that there was an issue with some early shipments that was now fixed, and they sent me a replacement. Have been extremely happy with the working one. So maybe the same thing happened here.
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