Google Earth comes to the Audi A8’s in-dash navigation system

audi google earth Google Earth comes to the Audi A8s in dash navigation system

Google has teamed up with German car manufacturer Audi to bring Google Earth to the car dashboard. Today on the Google LatLong blog, the company announced that the new Audi A8’s in-dash navigation system will include access to Google Earth with its 3D satellite imagery, terrain information, and even Layers including Panoramio photos and Wikipedia entries. The Audi A8 will have access to Google Maps and Google Local Search as well, and will include the ability to receive search information from a desktop computer. That means, for example, you could search for a place to eat for lunch and the route to get there on your desktop or laptop computer, send it to your Audi A8, and have it at your fingertips while you’re behind the wheel! This is almost as cool as an iPhone application that picks out snipers!

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