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10 August 2020

GPS Tracking Cuts Joyriding Short

Vehicle theft used to be pretty simple. Break in, hotwire the engine, and joyride out of town. Keep the vehicle or sell it to make some quick cash. These days, however, would-be thieves may be in for a surprise if the vehicle they’ve stolen has a GPS vehicle tracking device installed.

Both large companies and individuals have wised up to the fact that GPS tracking can be the best possible investment when trying to protect vehicles from theft or misuse. By sending a signal from the GPS transmitter inside the vehicle to a home or office computer, the device provides constant monitoring capabilities and gives owners the knowledge they need to protect their fleet vehicles or privately owned cars and trucks.

How effective is GPS vehicle tracking for the average business? Take the case of Texas company Airtronics Air Conditioning and Heating. When a company vehicle turned up missing, employees simply had to follow the trail provided by the Rocky Mountain Tracking GPS vehicle tracking device installed earlier to lead authorities straight to the thief. The surprised driver was taken into custody and the $20,000 vehicle returned to Airtronics.

If even one $20,000 vehicle theft can be prevented over the course of a year, the investment made into GPS tracking will be well worth it. Even if no one tries to steal an expensive truck, though, GPS vehicle tracking can provide invaluable information such as employee activity on the clock, speed, driving habits such as leaving the car idling over a lunch break, and personal stops made on company time. They can also help businesses determine what routes their drivers take to and from each job with the goal of helping them drive the shortest distance to each job site, effectively saving thousands of dollars in fuel costs over time.

In today’s economy, GPS vehicle tracking can give businesses an edge over competitors by helping them shorten response time and arrive at client locations on time without calling for directions. Customers appreciate knowing that a business takes its responsibility seriously, and the positive experience gained with the help of GPS tracking could be enough to keep that customer for life.

On the other side of the coin, protecting vehicles from theft may be one of the best ways to save money over the long run for budget-conscious companies. Investing time and resources into GPS vehicle tracking capabilities for the company fleet may be the best decision a business can make during a time when economic responsibility must rule the day.

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