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5 August 2020

How to add GPS to your iPod nano

ipod gps hack How to add GPS to your iPod nano

Things have come along way since the inception of the iPod nano.  But for those with older iPod models who long to have instant access to GPS coordinates, there is a way.  Hacker Ben Kokes managed to leverage the AiR mode-compatibility of an old Alpine car kit by first sniffing the serial stream, and then using a Nemerix GPS reference board,  outputting the information on the iPod nano’s display.  That information consists of latitude and longitude coordinates, velocity, the number of satellites locked on to, and the satellite signal strength.  The process looks pretty involved and complicated to me, but Kokes has put together a comprehensive how-to regarding the process and will hand over the full source code if you ask. Ipod nano gps how to add GPS.



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