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19 October 2012

AdMob helps Android developers make money

admob logo AdMob helps Android developers make money

AdMob, the quintessential third party advertising supplier for mobile websites and iPhone applications, is launching ad units for Android applications.

Android apps, which currently only work on T-Mobile’s G1 handset, haven’t been nearly as popular as iPhone apps, but AdMob says it is seeing demand for Android similar to that of the iPhone last summer.

This is great for Android developers.  The Android Market doesn’t support paid applications yet, though it should soon, but with AdMob, third-party developers can generate revenue from their applications.  AccuWeather, TapJoy, and Jirbo are the first Android apps to begin using AdMob’s banner and text ads.

The San Mateo-based company currently works with over 6, 000 mobile sites and 450 iPhone applications, according to CNET.

via cnet

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