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GPS obsessed

30 December 2017

Google Street View UK has offensive images removed

man puking Google Street View UK already getting offensive images pulled

Google Street View may have launched in the United Kingdom just yesterday, but users concerned about privacy have already forced Google to remove a large handful of images from the mapping platform.

If you head to Street View now you’ll be told the images are no longer available, but perform a quick Google search and you’ll find a person being sick, another person entering a sex shop, a variety of people being arrested and some too-close-for-comfort residential home pictures.

Oxford Internet Institute privacy expert Dr. Ian Brown told the BBC that Google should have been more careful in developing the platform, going as far as saying the company should take each image twice.  Doesn’t sound too efficient to me.

I for one will not be caught entering sex shops, strip bars or other such places anytime soon.  Go Google go, lovin’ Street View here!


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