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31 March 2016 Pisses Off Clarion. Ooops, Sorry ‘Bout That.

The other day I reported about some structural changes in PND maker Clarion’s distribution chain.  In my article I clearly specify that the source of my information didn’t say anything about Clarion quitting the PND business, but I predicted that they eventually would.  Apparently this pissed off Clarion because I just received this email:

Dear Justin

This Mikail Sarac of Clarion Europe GmbH.
We read your article about Clarion is going quit GPS business.

This not true.  Clarion US going to restructure his approach to the market and dropped their sales representatives to change over to regional distributors.  This political decision was made in Clarion internally to react faster on changing on the market.  There´s no where and nothing mentioned about Clarion is going to quit their GPS business.  Please revise your release and make a better investigation in your reports in future.  Will will not accept such image damaging reports in the press.  Already two of our partner companies and vendors contacted us to get clear information.  We will consider taking legal action if you won´t make a accurate revised release.

Hearing from you soon. Thank you.

Best regards
Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Mikail Sarac
Assistant Manager – Retail Product Europe

I think my article was pretty clear in revealing that I was speculating.  And I do think that eventually Clarion will have trouble maintaining any kind of market share in the PND industry.  In the interest of free speech I think I have the right to make that prediction.

But for the time being Clarion is still in the GPS industry.  Got that everyone!

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