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GPS obsessed

15 April 2016

How I plan to get caught on Google Street View naked

streetview car How I plan to get caught on Google Street View nakedSince Google Street View launched in the UK, there has been no shortage of pictures posted on the web depicting people puking, peeing, and entering their favorite adult shops.  Now it’s my turn.  The Globe and Mail is reporting that Google will be bringing its camera cars to Canada in the next few weeks in order to map 11 cities.  One of those cities happens to be Winnipeg where I live.  So the hunt begins as of tomorrow.  I’ll hunt those Street View cars like a starving caveman in order to show my naked self to the world.  YEAH RIGHT!

All kidding aside, Google will be in Canada in over the next few weeks.  Other than Winnipeg, the company also plans to grab images of Halifax, Montreal and Calgary.  I’m sure which other 7 cities are planned.  Google has previously taken Street View imagery of several Canadian cities that is supposed to be released in the near future.


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