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GPS obsessed

27 August 2016

How many Android apps are there? Try 800

androiddudes How many Android apps are there? Try 800Yep, it’s true.  There are only 800 Android applications available in the Android Market, as revealed by Google chief executive Eric Schmidt yesterday during the company’s Q4 earnings call.

That’s understandable though.  There is only 1 Android phone currently available-the T-Mobile G1-although there are more on the way.  And paid apps still aren’t accepted into the Android store, though they’re coming soon.

Guaranteed the number 800 will spur on all kinds of comparison conversations.  You know, Apple’s 15, 000.  Android’s 800.  But Android should make some inroads this year as it’s expected that most major and plenty of minor handset manufacturers will be rolling out their own Android phones.  And being paid for your hard work is always an incentive.

via silicon alley insider

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