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GPS obsessed

28 December 2012

IContain ICU2 is a “free” GPS asset tracking device

icontainlogo IContain ICU2 is a free GPS asset tracking deviceIContain, an asset tracking company based in Shenzhen, China, is claiming to offer the world’s first free GPS asset tracking device.  The IContain ICU2 is being offered by the company at no upfront cost enabling smaller organizations to effectively use GPS asset tracking to manage loss prevention.

“Merchandise theft and loss costs Americans over an estimated 50 billion dollars every year. Globally, hundreds of billions are lost annually. IContain aims to remedy this problem,” said Todd Kleperis, president of IContain in a statement.

“GPS tracking device costs have made it a cost prohibitive solution for many industries and businesses,” remarked Kleperis. “We saw a need to get a solution into these markets if we were really going to be effective in our efforts. Now that we are able to provide these ICU2 devices at no cost it will allow any business from a large corporation to a small-town private business to utilize them in the protection of their property — anywhere in the world.”

The ICU2 will initially ship in China to be followed by international markets soon after.  The IContain ICU2 GPS asset tracking solution isn’t completely free of course.  Service plans required for real-time network connectivity start at $7 per tracker so this “free” solution could become pretty darn expensive for a small company.  I’ll wait for comment from IContain disputing this!


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