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9 September 2016

Intel CULV processor confirmed for second quarter: sources

intelatom Intel CULV processor confirmed for second quarter: sourcesSome new information about Intel’s budget processor for ultraportable notebooks has emerged.  Called the consumer Ultra-Low Voltage platform, the CULV chip will be aimed at notebooks in the $699 to $899 range, a move directed squarely at AMD’s Athlon Neo processorsDigitimes reports the new info came from “sources at notebook makers” who also revealed that the first CULV-based products will ship in the second quarter of 2009 with 10 million unit shipments expected for the year.

The “top-three notebook vendors”-HP, Dell, and Acer-will be the first manufacturers to ship ultraportables based on CULV.  HP, which was lobbying Intel to allow it to use the Atom processor in larger notebooks up to 13.3 inches, has been pushed to adopt the higher-cost processing platform instead, confirming my initial hunch.

Intel’s new platform is not only a direct attempt to compete with AMD’s Yukon platform, but also to encourage notebook makers to use chips other than the low-cost Atom.  Though in its recent 4th quarter earnings announcement, Intel stated that the Atom wasn’t cannibalizing sales of its higher cost chips, it is a legitimate issue that needed to be nipped in the bud.

The company will split chip sales into four categories this year.  The smallest mobile internet devices will use Menlow-based chips, netbooks will use Atom and Pineview, ultraportables will use the CULV processor, and the majority of notebooks 12.1 inches and above will use Core processor.

Intel wouldn’t confirm the report, but I’m betting it’s true.  Not good new for AMD which recently announced it’s cutting 9 percent of its workforce.

via digitimes

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